Market Wagon delivers the Farmer’s Market to You

I don’t know about you, but I go to a lot of different grocery stores each week. I like some stores for their prices, others for their products, and some for the quantity. One thing I’d like to work on is buying more locally grown food. My grocery says they’re buying “locally grown” but when I say that I mean around Fort Wayne, not Michigan.

We do have a few farmer’s markets in town, but sometimes it’s hard to get to them when they’re open. Well, now we have a back-up plan. Market Wagon brings the farmer’s market to you.

Order before Tuesday at midnight, and Market Wagon will bring you fresh, locally-grown and made products on Thursday. They charge a $5.95 delivery fee. To me, the fee is small compared to dragging three boys through a farmer’s market, making the time for the shopping, and the over-buying of pretty flowers, baked goods and other enticing items that I really don’t need. Also, it’s a pretty far drive to any of the local markets for me, so it helps me save time. Plus, it’s supporting yet another small business.

Market Wagon sells meats, produce, dairy products and other items all from local farmers and makers. They began in 2016 in the Indianapolis area. In 2017, they acquired the Evanston hub and continued to expand.

I thought I really needed to see this process for myself and check out the goods. So, I placed an order. Thursday, I got a text while I was out that it was delivered, and I found it right where I’d asked them to place it.

My order came in two insulated bags to keep my products cool until I could get to them. The products were well packed and fragile items were on top. I ordered meats and eggs from Seven Sons Family Farm, Pastries Chefs Basil Pesto Butter, Brick House Creamy Garlic Herb Vinaigrette, Our3 Chicken Bone Broth, large basil and micro basil from The Mushroom Diva, arugula from Atom Acres, Summer Crisp Green Lettuce from Micro Farms, The Olive Twist‘s Garlic & Herb seasoning blend, and Egg Challah Bread (a family favorite for toast and french toast) from Pastries Chefs. Market Wagon included a checklist of my order, clipped onto the bag – it was nice to see they had ticked off each item as it was added.

I used the ingredients from my order to make a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner with two different garlic breads. We used ground beef, ground sirloin, Italian sausage, and eggs along with garlic and herb seasoning blend to make meatballs. I also used the seasoning blend to make some of the garlic bread, as well as in my tomato sauce. For the other garlic bread, I used the basil pesto butter. I also used the large basil in our tomato sauce.

I made a salad with arugula, romaine and summer crisp green lettuce, and micro basil. We topped it with creamy garlic herb vinaigrette and parmesan. It was nice knowing that our family was eating a healthy, tasty dinner thanks to other local families just like us.

If you’re like me and striving by locally-grown and produced foods, I highly recommend giving Market Wagon a try! The products and service were fantastic. Their website is:

Erica Visocky

Author: Erica Visocky

Erica Visocky joined Living Fort Wayne as a staff writer and contributor in July 2017.

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