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UPDATE – Tonight’s Living Fort Wayne Concert Series at Headwaters Park has been cancelled due to the threat of severe weather. Safety is always our primary concern.

Mark your calendars for the next Living Fort Wayne concert on June 27. https://bit.ly/1WmUCpn

swimming[into]view opens for The Legendary Trainhoppers at the 2018 Living Fort Wayne Concert Series at Headwaters Park West on Wednesday, May 30 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Living Fort Wayne recently caught up with [sv] to learn more about this up-and-coming alternative group.

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About swimming[into]view

From swimming[into]view’s website:

Formed in 2005, swimming[into]view got its start in the childhood basement of bassist Kullen Quinlan. Early rehearsals showed promise from day one. All four members have very different musical backgrounds.

  • John Felts (drums) has a love for jazz and hip-hop. He is the most experienced performer of the group, including jazz and swing choir band. His beats are driving force behind all [sv] tunes.
  • Drew Feipel (vocals) was a vocal lead in show choir, but has his heart in rock and alternative music. He is an equally experienced performer as John and is very comfortable taking lead on stage.
  • Josh Cross (guitar) started playing at 15 and has jumped around from many different types of music. He played in punk, rock, acoustic, pop and alternative acts over the years.
  • Kullen Quinlan (bass) started playing bass the day the band rehearsed the first time. He has a background in punk, pop and rock music. He picked up his instrument quickly and has become a major part of [sv]’s sound.

[sv] wrote and recorded two albums in their first three years of playing together. Shows were abundant around the Fort Wayne area including Cincinnati, West Lafayette and Bloomington. Playing everything from bars/house parties to Relay For Life events, [sv] grew its fanbase at each show.

In 2009, [sv] started writing songs for its third release. Before the album could be completed, three members moved to various parts of the country and plans for the band were put on hold. In 2013, the band started rehearsing again after all 4 members moved back to Fort Wayne. After years of practicing and writing new songs, [sv] played its first live show since 2010 in March 2016.

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How did your band get its name?

Randomly chosen from a Third Eye Blind lyric

Musical influences?

Quite a few! We all have different tastes in music.

What year did your band form and how did you all get started?

2005 – Kullen started it all. Asked us to all come jam at a friend’s house and next thing you know we are still playing together 13 years later.

Which songs do you perform most frequently?

We have a few originals that make every set list – “All My Friends,” “Ghostbuster,” “Lazy on Sunday” and “Come Off the Bridge.” It’s hard to see us live and not hear those tunes. We have recently been playing a trio of Tom Petty tunes as well. Our oldest ‘cover’ is “Wonderwall” by Oasis. That makes just about every set list as well.

What is the most memorable performance you’ve had?

Wow… well, the first year we played in the Columbia Street West battle of the bands was crazy. First time the crowd singing back and cheering to our own songs was louder than us playing. Really fun time!

Who are your songwriters?

We all contribute to the songs in different ways. Usually begins with Josh on guitar. He has an idea and plays it, we all pull from that, and it goes where it goes. Sometimes a mellow song ends up being fast and loud. It’s definitely one of the best parts of being in this band when a song finishes and we all know we nailed it. We love playing new originals and seeing how people react to our music.

How would you like the audience to feel when they are listening to your music?

Nothing beats putting a smile on people’s face. Whether it’s because we played their favorite song, or they are enjoying hearing our songs for the first time, as long as we can get you to smile and enjoy your time listening to us, that’s a win!

How has your music changed since you got started?

Hopefully it has gotten better!

What does the future hold?

We would love to get a chance to play bigger events such as this! It has been a while since we recorded an album, so hopefully get working on our third album!

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