Bri Anna Burkey – Why Did You Stay Here?

Bri Anna Burkey is a hairdresser from Fort Wayne, Indiana. [Courtesy Photo]

Bri Anna Burkey

Because we grew up together.

I was raised here in Fort Wayne and being raised here allowed me to be a witness to the city’s growth throughout the years. I grew up close to downtown which allowed us to feel like we were a part of everything, especially the festivals, without actually leaving our backyard. Our family always rode our bikes downtown and around [Headwaters Park].


My favorite time of the year was festival season, but I learned recently that I mostly just love being downtown the most, I love the atmosphere of feeling like I’m from a small town, because everyone you know was at the festival, too. And that feeling has never changed you can still walk from the lemon shakeup stand to the funnel cakes and run into a friendly face. As I am now in my twenties and have had my many moments of doubt in what to do with my career and life as a local hairdresser the one thing that hasn’t changed or even doubted is my love for Fort Wayne. I don’t think i could ever leave this place we’ve grown up together and I want to continue to watch it grow and help it thrive anyway I can.

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