Top 5 Things to Know About Riverfront Development

Riverfront Fort Wayne is a community development initiative that aims to better utilize the natural beauty of Fort Wayne’s rivers with new activities, local businesses and community events. Here are the top five things you should know about the ongoing river development project:

1. There’s Something for Everyone

Whether you’re seeking a laidback social outing or an exhilarating adventure, the riverfront development initiative will cater to a variety of interests. Development is divided between the “urban waterfront” of the South Bank and the “recreation and exploration” of the North Bank. Those interested in live entertainment, shopping and family fun can gather in the variety of plazas and venues that the South Bank will offer. Nature lovers can utilize the North Bank’s trails and docks to explore downtown Fort Wayne on bikes, boats,or their own two feet.

2. Three Phases for Three Rivers

Riverfront construction will occur in three phases. Phase I (currently underway) will develop Promenade Park between the Ewing Street and Harrison Street bridges. This stage will introduce fifteen exciting new landmarks such as the Old National Bank Plaza and the Parkview Tree Canopy Trail. Phase II will develop the riverfront on either side of Promenade Park, while Phase III will take on the stretch of riverfront between the Van Buren Street and Ewing Street bridges.

3. It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Riverfront Fort Wayne has been in the works for several years, requiring extensive planning and community involvement. The downtown development initiative got its start with 2011’s Legacy Fort Wayne grant, and initial riverfront development plans were solidified in 2015. The three rivers have played a historical role in Fort Wayne’s culture and commerce, and riverfront development efforts aim to optimize this iconic natural resource for the city’s future.

4. It’s Already Happening

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Riverfront development has already begun! You can stay updated on current construction and upcoming events on Riverfront Fort Wayne’s website. Don’t miss out on the boat tours, paddle socials and free live music being offered throughout the summer.

5. You Can Get Involved

If you’re passionate about the future of downtown Fort Wayne, lend a helping hand to the riverfront development initiative. You can become a river advocate by participating in Riverfront Fort Wayne’s river clean-ups, or by becoming a volunteer or donor for one of their partners in riverfront advocacy.

Stay Connected

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