What in the world is Buskerfest?

What is Buskerfest? It’s the name of a traveling festivals of buskers which are street performers. Buskers in the festivals visit a series of host cities each summer. Host cities often shut down one of more blocks of a prominent downtown street for the festival. By definition, a busker is a person who performs music or other entertainment in the street or another public place for monetary donations. While you don’t have to pay these entertainers, the entertainment they provide is worth more than the few dollars or scents that someone would normally throw their way if they were just on the street.

Fantastic Patrick

What’s a street festival without a unicycle? Traveling all the way for Los Angeles, Fantastic Patrick showed a large crowd what it’s like to be great at his talent! If it wasn’t for the help from his trusty Fort Wayne assistants, Greg, John, and Craig, Patrick wouldn’t have made it onto the unicycle. From comedy to magic even to juggling a battle ax while on fire, Patrick amused the crowd off all ages! From what it seems, Patrick loves visiting Fort Wayne because who wouldn’t love this amazing city!

Photo Courtesy of https://fantastickpatrick.com

What was your dream job growing up?

My dream job growing up was a lot of different things at different times. I remember wanting to just travel on a motorcycle across the USA like my Uncle. I think I wanted to be a priest at one point then finally settled on just being an actor haha.

Where is your next show?

My next show is at Comic Con in San Diego! super excited about this one. It’s my first time working that convention and should be very interesting to say the least.

What’s the best city to Busk in?

The best city to busk in in the USA is a toss up between Boulder, CO and Boston, MA. Both have there advantages and disadvantages.

Do you plan on coming back next year?

I really hope I can come beak next year. I have to say Fort Wayne has some of the best crowds I have ever worked for. I am not just saying that either you guys are super nice and are just down to play along.

Who is your biggest idol?

My biggest idol is Trey, the front man of the band Phish. Reason being is they created a devoted fan base without going into the main stream and remain very true to their art. Always elevating the crowd to new levels. very cool stuff indeed!

If you could busk with one celebrity who would it be and why?

I would busk with Steve Martin because not only is he a great juggler and banjo player but I would never have to worry about crowd gathering again. People would never walk away!

How many states/countries have you been to busking?

Lets see…. I have busked in about 20 different states and about 15 different countries. Mostly Europe but recently I did a show in Antarctica, not busking but a show on a cruise ship, it still counts though..

What’s one thing you want people to know about busking?

One thing I would want people to know is the reason why we do what we do. We don’t do it for the money even though it can look like that when we are saying our hat line. I can’t speak for everyone but for me and most people I know we do it to spread joy. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but it’s true. I believe that if we can make a crowd of a couple hundred people happy then everyone one of those people is going to bring that joy to other interactions they have with other people. It’s kind of like a ripple in the water. It just spreads and for me that is a life well lived.

What’s a random fun fact about Fantastic Patrick?

Random fun fact about me is I love to read. Mostly historical novels, I love to learn about the past and it is a huge hobby of mine. I am also a really into meditation and has studied with monks in Indonesia.

If you could pick one song to sing at karaoke, what would it be?

My go to Karaoke song is “like a Virgin” always gets people attention.

Visit Patrick’s site to see more of his acts! 

Just Miming My Own Business

This sad mime was by everyone’s side trying to cheer them up as he sat there quietly, sadly weeping around the crowds looking for someone to entertain, which he did an amazing job of!



When I arrived, I wasn’t planning on being part of the show, but when the GI-Joe says so, you do so! As instructed, we formed the Ohio stance for my Ohio State Buckeyes. As we learned, you better watch your back. If you’re not paying close attention he may sneak up behind you and tap your shoulder. When nobody is around he stands like a statue waiting for someone to snap a picture with him then, BAM, he moves!


Entertaining a Large Crowd

As expected, there were around 3,000 people in Downtown Fort Wayne for the 9th Annual Buskerfest, including street performers from all over that came to do what they do best.  The crowds were also excited to see 6 of Fort Wayne’s popular food trucks serving up patrons. Between the food trucks, the live music, and the performances I had a blast! If you didn’t make it out this year, I encourage you to attend next year! I promise you will enjoy it!

Cole Trammell

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