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National Hot Dog Day is Wednesday, July 18 and we stopped by Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island to celebrate. They have been serving up coney dogs since 1914 in downtown Fort Wayne, and not much has changed. That’s exactly what makes them so special.

Located at 131 W. Main Street, they are easily accessible and a local favorite. During the holidays, Coney Island has become a Fort Wayne tradition with lines around the corner. When natives return, one of the things at the top of their list is often a coney dog and a cold Coca-Cola. When you’re at Coney Island, you’re not just another person; you’re part of the family.

The reason why family is important is because this business has been family-owned from the beginning and passed down through generations. They love the Fort Wayne community. When many businesses deserted downtown for the suburbs and malls, Coney Island never left. They’ve earned their success with each hot dog, each smile, and each passing year.

Whether you have been enjoying Coney Island for years, or you are new to Fort Wayne, this is one place to build a tradition that never gets old. Each bite is filled with not only that Fort Wayne famous coney sauce, but it’s packed with love. The great thing about Coney Island is that even though the world has changed drastically in the last century, they have managed to keep their menu the same. It’s delicious, it’s reliable, and it’s there for us, seven days a week.

Happy National Hot Dog Day! Pull up a seat at Coney Island. There’s a coney dog, or two (or four) waiting for you!

Stephen J. Bailey

Author: Stephen J. Bailey

Stephen is a digital marketer specializing in Web Development, SEO, and Social Media Management. Owner of PH Digital since 2006, he lives and works in Downtown Fort Wayne. He contracts with businesses, corporations, city government, and non-profits in Northeast Indiana to help them connect and tell their story. His great loves include his husband, their pups, sushi, and Indiana sunsets.

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