Band Members

Bill Millhouse – Lead Vocals
Sean McKinney – Rhythm guitar
Jared Schneider – Drums
Clayton Hamilton – Bass/Backup vocals
Patrick Donley – lead guitar

The Back Story

HazenSol began in the early spring of 2016 when Sean approached Bill and Patrick about starting a rock band. Clayton joined shortly after and they decided to start a project that would be an infusion of classic rock and modern alternative rock with a dash of 90’s nostalgia. However, It wasn’t until the addition of a new drummer Jared Schneider in February 2017 that HazenSol really began to take off.

HazenSol were finalists in the 989 The Bear House Band Search 2018.
They have their first EP releasing on July 2018.

Our members;

Bill Millhouse (Lead Vocals) – singer/songwriter who comes from a history of solo/small group performance. Singing his entire life, even having solo spots as young as 10 years old, his powerful voice matches his powerful writing.

Sean McKinney (Rhythm guitar) – Got his first real six string when he was 8 years old. Veteran of several different gigging bands since 2012, he has always just wanted to play rock and roll for his fans.

Jared Schneider (Drums) – Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, influenced by many genres and generations; Jared brings this experience to HazenSol and the band he fronts, My Soul’s Revolution. Self taught, with a few mentors, Jared started singing at the age of 3 in churches and choirs, began piano at 4, continued singing in choirs until age 14 when he took an interest in drums and guitar and began writing music, leading many bands from every position.

Clayton Hamilton (Bass/Backup vocals) – Playing with HazenSol for 2 years. Clayton has been playing music for over 10 years with various groups. Front man of Diana Fire, as well as bassist for Taylor Fredricks for a year. Many different influences such as jazz, ska, metalcore, rock, blues and alternative.

Patrick Donley (lead guitar) – Forged in the fires of Mount Doom his riffs were destined to be eternal. Les Paul in hand with a Mesa behind he slaughtered his enemies with his righteous tone. None could stand before his power, but there were those who stood beside. They were the members of HazenSol. The legendary followers of the sacred sound.