Foodstock 2014:  Third Annual Celebration of Fresh-Cooked Street Food Returns to One Summit Square on July 26

Foodstock 2014: Third Annual Celebration of Fresh-Cooked Street Food Returns to One Summit Square on July 26

Every Thursday throughout the summer you drive along Wayne Street at noon – windows down, radio off – the sounds of a live band stream through One Summit Square and delight your ears, the aroma of freshly prepared food causing your mouth to water. You longingly gaze out of your passenger window as you pass one, two, three, and more food trucks, while a large amount of locals wait for chefs to call their name and pass meal orders from the window-on-wheels into their eagerly-awaiting hands. Kids laugh and dance, dogs look longingly on at their owners’ lunches, local vendors discuss their craft. And you drive on past, so as not to miss your weekly afternoon meeting across town, a single tear streams down your face. Whether this perfectly describes your state of being during the weekly Lunch on the Square events in downtown Fort Wayne or you’re lucky enough to attend every single one, we have some good news for you: Foodstock, this Saturday, July 26, will grant you the opportunity to enjoy all that Lunch on the Square has to offer and more, without having to run back to the office. Foodstock-goers can “expect more of everything” in comparison to Lunch on the Square, says John Maxwell, owner and head chef of Ragin’ Cajun Food Truck. “And nobody has to rush back to work.” Foodstock 2014 Saturday, July 26, 2014 11 AM – 8 PM One Summit Square Downtown Fort Wayne, IN The third annual Foodstock, which kicks off at 11 AM and runs through 8 PM, will feature five live bands, several local beer and wine selections at a beer garden presented by Deer Park Irish Pub, face painting and balloon art for the kiddos, and, let’s not forget, twelve of the area’s most loved food trucks. Maxwell, a native of New Orleans, always looks forward to seeing customers’ eyes light up and smiles grow as they sample food from his truck, which offers authentic, Southern-style Cajun cuisine. “I like bringing the food I grew up on to people who have never tried it, or never knew they liked it.” And it sounds like he, and his food truck cohorts, will witness plenty of those reactions this Saturday. “We had over 3,000 in attendance at Foodstock last year,” notes Maxwell, “and expect to see 4,000 this year.” The food trucks, “traveling in groups like we do, allows us to cater and cover everyone’s tastes” and with all of the combined food options, “creates a full, mobile restaurant menu,” says Maxwell. You can mix and match your food truck selections to create the ultimate mobile dining experience. Maxwell recommends trying...

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