Unlikely Alibi

Band members 

 Todd Roth – Vocals, Trumpet, Guitar

Brandon Rentfrow – Guitar, Vocals

Matt Cashdollar – Sax, Keys, Vocals

Travis Fry – Bass

Duane Alexander – Drums

Hailing from the heartland and led by former Heavy Step member Todd Roth, Unlikely Alibi brings together a distinctive mix of sounds and styles.  Their energetic presentation of rootsy American rock is uniquely blended with a touch of reggae, ska, and soul; richly layered with guitars, horns, and organ; and fused together in a thoughtful pop framework, with relatable lyrical content relevant to everyday life, love, and all of the up-and-down experiences associated with both.  Composed of Todd Roth (Vocals, Trumpet), Brandon Rentfrow (Guitar), Matt Cashdollar (Sax, Keys), Travis Fry (Bass), Duane Alexander (Drums), Unlikely Alibi recently concluded another chapter in their musical journey; recording and releasing their 2nd  full-length studio album (and labor of love) “Every Time Takes Everything”.  Available now, in-stores and online.

 What year did your band form and how did you all get started?/ Who are your songwriters? We were formed in 2005 as the brain child of front man Todd Roth. Roth had several original tunes already written, and began assembling the rest of the band, comprised of old musician friends who shared common musical interests and passion.

Which songs do you perform most frequently?  We delve pretty deep into our catalog of originals at every show. We perform most of the tunes off of our new album, as well as many of the tunes off of our first full length album, and EP, and occasionally an 80’s song, rearranged in our own style.

How would you like the audience to feel when they are listening to your music?  Hopefully they get up and dance, and have a great time and lose themselves in the music, even for just a few minutes.

How has your music changed since you got started?  The songs have matured and developed into their own living beings. The more we play tunes together, the more they take on a life of their own.  Each guy brings something unique to the arrangement, and as we’ve gotten older and more experienced, the development of arrangements has become more mature and more in depth.

What does the future hold?  Keep playing shows, writing and performing music.

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