Alex Modarressi – Why Did You Stay Here?

Alex Modarressi is an information technology system engineer based in northeast Indiana. [Photo – Tim Zink]

Alex Modarressi, Vice Chair of Community Engagement, Living Fort Wayne

A few years back I was debating with myself “Why would I choose to live here” and “Why would I choose to move”.  What reasons should I move for…. my career, better income, personal growth, or maybe a greater sense of belonging…?  I felt if I could answer why I would chose not to live here that it might help answer what I should be looking for somewhere else.

During this time of reflection, I found community experiences such as local art and culture had not been explored and that my lack of involvement would not be a reasonable enough excuse for me to leave the region or state.

So I started looking for ways to become involved and opening myself to opportunities to help our communities.  This is when Living Fort Wayne and Wunderkammer started posting their need for volunteers.  I started to attend local events and seeing needs that I could fulfill and had conversations about how to become more involved.  One thing led to another and to me being a part of local organizations I believe in such as YLNI, Rotaract, Pine Hills City Church, and others like Clyde Theatre and Fort Wayne SOUP.

YLNI’s Living Fort Wayne Committee wants to know your answers to one or both of these questions.

  • “Why Did You Move Here?”
  • or “Why Did You Stay Here?”

Email your one-two paragraph answer to one of these questions to Tim Zink at

There are two photo options – you may include a professional headshot with your answers (quickest) or you can set up an appointment to have your photo taken later this summer.

Please include your preferred name and title.

Your photo and response may be used on YLNI’s Living Fort Wayne website, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Tim Zink

Author: Tim Zink

Vice President of Communications for Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana. Adviser to current Living Fort Wayne leadership team. Contributor to Living Fort Wayne since April 2014.

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