Cassey Suthers – Why Did You Stay Here?

Cassey Suthers is a web and data specialist at a local university. [Photo – Tim Zink]

Cassey Suthers, Writer, Living Fort Wayne

Apart from the fact that my immediate family lives here and I have a family of my own, I chose to stay in Fort Wayne after I graduated college, because I genuinely feel a connection to Fort Wayne and want to be part of its growth. Despite not being born in Fort Wayne, I consider myself a Fort Wayne native, having spent the majority of my life here. I’ve seen it transform into a dynamic city where relationships thrive and communities work together to build it up. I remember saying in one of my first interviews out of college that one of my career goals was to have a role in the development of Fort Wayne, and though I was unsure what that role might consist of, I was ready to take the leap and begin my path towards it.

A unique feature of Fort Wayne, is the amount of truly talented young professionals who share a passion for improving the lives of those who call our city home. I think this is especially important for young people who are looking to make a difference as they begin their careers. I’m thankful to be here, because it means I don’t have to choose between having a family and pursuing my career and my goals. In Fort Wayne, I can do both, which is something I’m not sure I could do in other big, metropolitan cities. The affordability, career opportunities, and family friendly atmosphere of Fort Wayne is why I stayed here.

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Author: Tim Zink

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